2012 - Feudal Frenzy


Two hundred and seventy years into the sixth millennium . . .

Earth has been mostly abandoned, and the only remaining inhabitants are the humans who chose to stay following the destruction of Earth's natural resources and the mass exodus of 3276.

Condemning the technology that scarred the landscape before, they live much like the people of the medieval times, with castles, kingdoms and a primitive agrarian society. Plagued by war and disease, much like in the past, humans are living in a new dark age. Hunger and tribal warfare threaten to destroy humanity forever.

Long dormant robots, developed by wise men and women alive before the apocalypse, arise from the depths of the mines of Miasmador. In the final hour, these robots will battle for supremacy by demonstrating their superior resource gathering and leadership abilities to win the support of future generations, and save us from destruction.

Your task, as the wise engineers of pre-apocalypse Earth, is to develop one of these robots to save humanity. You will have just 1 month to do so. Register for 6.270 this IAP and accept the challenge! Teams of 3 - register individually.

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