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2000- Bots in Blue

In the not-so-distant future, the hacking tradition at MIT is alive and well. To enforce order and counteract the "misdeeds" of MIT hackers, the campus police have decided to use autonomous robots to keep the peace. In a pilot program, the campus police are evaluating the performance of different robots by having the robots compete against each other. The campus police will select for mass deployment the robot that best eliminates the hacker threat for its assigned campus.

Your mission is to design & construct an autonomous police robot (RoboCP) for the CPs to test. Each RoboCP must scour its assigned campus for hackers and neutralize this threat, while not harassing innocent students or professors.

The Handouts from all lectures and recitation including the course notes.

The Technical Info contains extensive documentation about all aspects of the Handyboard and the new Skiff board, including the API.