Sponsoring 6.270

6.270 is made possible by corporate sponsorship. We do not receive any financial support from MIT. For this reason, we are always looking for new sponsors. Our final competition is a high-profile event within the MIT community and draws larger publicity both within the Boston area and abroad via live web-cast. As such, it offer sponsors a unique and invaluable opportunity for advertising, relationship building, and recruitment. If you would like to contribute finances, components, labor, or hands-on involvement, please contact us at 6.270-organizers@mit.edu. We offer four different sponsorship packages according to the value of your contribution.

Contest entry   
Custom bricks   

Platinum Package ($15,000 or more)

In addition to all the benefits of the lesser packages — most notably, the chance to present live during our final contest — as a Platinum sponsor you will receive the exclusive opportunity to build and enter your own robot into the contest and compete directly with our students. The visibility is terrific, and by spending time in the lab with us, your ability to build relationships for future recruitment couldn't be better.

If you are interested, and if time permits, we will have custom bricks made with your logo to incorporate into the contestants' robots and give away to the audience.

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Gold Package ($10,000 or more)

As a Gold sponsor, you will retain the coveted opportunity to present live during the final contest. You will even receive one of our robot kits and a chance to show off your engineering skills in front of the audience, though without a Platinum sponsorship you won't be able to enter the contest. In addition, you will still receive the benefits of the lesser Silver and Bronze packages.

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Silver Package ($5,000 or more)

Silver (and higher) sponsors will receive a special DVD containing the resumes of everyone involved in the contest. This is a superb recruitment tool. Our students have distinguished themselves in many ways, and the value they can bring to your company is tremendous. As a Silver sponsor, you have just opened the door by distinguishing yourselves in the contestants' eyes. In order to really dazzle them and build interest in your company, why not choose a higher sponsorship level and take a more active role? You can also come and meet the students in the lab, and let us get to know you better. Silver sponsors will also receive the benefits of the Bronze package.

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Bronze Package ($2,500 or more)

To our sponsors at the Bronze level and above, we offer logo placement on all our materials (t-shirts, banners, slides, website, you name it). In addition, we have an old tradition of chalking up the logo of each sponsor on the big boards in our auditorium before the contest. Remember, higher-level sponsors' logos receive preferential placement, so consider a higher sponsorship level for extra visibility!


Once again, if you are interested in any of these packages, or if we can answer any questions you have about sponsorship or the competition in general, please contact us at 6.270-organizers@mit.edu. It's not too late to contribute to the 2014 competition! We look forward to hearing from you.