About Us

Team Members

We are three freshman here at MIT. Abdulhamid and Aziz are planning on doing Course 6, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and they both had previous programming experience. Atif will be pursuing a degree in Course 2, Mechanical Engineering. When it was just Abdulhamid and Atif, the third teammate we had dropped before the competition. Then another teammate dropped after just a few days. So we were very fortunate to have Aziz take on the role despite the fact he was already taking on a full course load for IAP.

Ali Baba

The name for our robot is from the notorious character from medieval Arabic literature in the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Final Competiton: 9th place (Read 'What Went Wrong')
Mock competition 3: 4th place (This was a trial of the actual competition)
Mock competition 2: 4th place
Mock competition 1: 3rd place