This website documents the development process and final product of Scavenger, the robot for Team 12 of the 2012 edition of the 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition. Scavenger is the product of Jessie Zhang and Ronald Chan after one month of late nights in (and right outside, where the VPS system was eventually set up) 38-600.

The One and Only Scavenger

In this year's competition, teams had to explore territories (10 points per new territory, 30 points in the first 10 seconds), spin gearboxes to capture territories (100 points), mine balls by pulling a lever to dispense them (40 points each), and deposit balls in the correct half of the drop zone in the middle of the board (40 points each). Unlike other tournaments, teams are highly discouraged from blocking other robots in this competition.

The playing field is a hexagonal playing field with 6 symmetrical territories. The gearboxes and levers are located on the perimeter of the board, and the teams start on diametrically opposite points.

Robots are built from LEGO pieces and controlled by a "HappyBoard" microcontroller programmed using C.