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6.270 Rules Committee Rulings

Rules Questions and Answers

If you have a question about the rules, please send email to the Rules Committee at 6.270-rules. Only responses from the Rules Committee are official. If it is not clear in the Course Notes, check with the Rules Committee before you do whatever you are thinking about doing.


Are we allowed to break apart LEGO parts like the turntable?

No, the only LEGO part that you may modify is the green baseboard. Please see the course notes for more information.

Will we be able to see past competitions?

Yes, we will likely play videos of past competitions in the lab.

Are robots allowed to use preloaded rubberbands?

Yes, preloaded rubberbands are allowed in robots.

What are the maximum dimensions of our robot?

Your robot should fit within a 12"x12"x12" cube (1 foot cubed). This will be tested by us by placing your white box over your robot.

Are we allowed to use optical mouse sensors, along with the corresponding DSP board? If so, how much would they "cost" towards the $30 limit?

You can buy any electronics you like so long as you're under the limit. The price you should count is the 100 ct. price we might buy (that should be lower than buying just a single one like you're actually doing).

Can purchased fans be used in our robot?

Fans blades fall under the category of structural non-lego pieces, making them disallowed. Making your own fan blades, however, is perfectly legal.